Saturday, March 17, 2012

Progress Check

So this one post a day is not working out. Lol. 
This probably means I have been slacking off.
*sigh* I posted my previous post (dissonance!) 4 days ago! Let me quickly log what I did in those 4 days.

did some Spanish exercises- 6 out of 19! (Bad!)

-Friday was not productive enough:
I did half and essay on the abuse of performance-enhancing drugs for General Studies (which was 3 and a half pages long, and I still got more body and a conclusion to finish up the essay!)
- I also stayed up all of late Friday night and very early Friday morning to do my Lit Coursework on Women and Magic Realism. It was exhausting re-looking up those sources and incorporating them in my essay piece!

I got my results for Spanish exam. Result: not disclosing numbers, it was Good, can do better. Honestly it was an improvement. Just silly grammar and more specifically syntax rules I need more revision with.  The entire day was mostly a waste, because I was rejoicing the mini-success of my incomplete but so-far-so-good essay.

-Oh, I also did a minuscule amount of research for my History coursework. I took a poll on whether to pursue Stalin or Lenin. And the winner is/was: Joseph Stalin! 


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Until next time!

Pink Floyd# Shine on you Crazy Diamond.