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This was previously a blog page dedicated to all things VA (as the link says). But I had a change of mind and switched to a cross between a blog and a diary counting down my days to my A level finals!
I am awfully disorganized, so the plan is to do to one post a day about my miserable study routine.
It will:

  1. cheer me up!
  2. Help collate all my info
  3. Get me organized
  4. (hopefully) Help fellow miserable students wandering around the blogosphere!
  5. .......


The idea, originally, was to make a blog cataloging all my history resources, because my work
relies heavily on the internet for that particular subject. But I decided to make it more general and include all subjects.

which are:

  • Spanish
  • English Literature
  • General Studies
  • History
  • Economics & Business Studies


So Hello to All!
My apologies to my followers who were following it when it was a VA blog. Feel free to un-follow!
A brief outline of what this blog will include:

  1. My ramble about the dilemmas I face as a 12th grader.
  2. Some references and sources of my information.
  3. Random jabber and school talk.
  4. Mostly school related images and info!
  5. and other surprises.

Feel free to contribute via comment, leave me a line in the comment form if you want to contribute a post of help or resource or info!

Until then


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