Monday, June 25, 2012

Some general tips for General Studies

Get familiar Assessment Objectives (AOs)*

AO1- Demonstrate relevant knowledge and understanding applied to a range of issues, using skills from different disciplines
A02- Marshall evidence and draw conclusion, select, interpret, evaluate and integrate information, data, concepts and opinions
A03- Demonstrate understanding of different types of knowledge, appreciating their limitations.

* these apply for the Edexcel board

Essay Tips:

Deconstruct Title: 
Identify theme(s) and jot down exactly what is expected.

Break-down the questions aims:

To provide information? (Describe
Give reasons for particular events/occurrences? (Explain)
Examine the merits of different views. (Assess, Analyze, Evaluate)
Identify different points of views. (Consider/ Examine)
Create your own balanced argument (Justify)
Reach a conclusion (How far/To what extent)

Identify themes and concepts: quick definitions 
Select Evidence: apply+ interpret+anlayze i.e. explain how evidence helps answer question
Weigh pros and cons

Now the essay:

Set the scene. 
Explain what is understood from the title
Describe key terms

Main Body:
Contains the evidence and arguments. 
Ought to be relevant/balanced and well-organized
Evaluate/Weigh up the merits of the argument

A direct reference to question 

for essay tips:
Revision Express AS and A2 General Studies (A  Level Revise Guides)

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