Thursday, May 31, 2012

United Stated 1917-54: Boom, Bust and Recovery


This is my Unit 3 topic for Edexcel History. Its option code C2. 

So um..I basically self studied the entire syllabus. I used a variety of fairly reliable sources to device a plan to approach the topic. Since I was short on time and it was a crash course, I started with understanding what the examiners expect and how to answer the papers, its structure etc.
I am using this book as a textbook, mostly like a guide/timeline sort of thing. 

The back of this book, pages (167-174) has a really good revision checklist and a "How-to" address questions in the paper. I will briefly attempt to explain it here..

Its basically 
appropriate material from the sources and your own knowledge
Some pointers:
Evaluate source
Understand its perspective and assess the value of this perspective/interpretation of events
Contextualize the above with your own knowledge 
Argue your case using the above as evidence.

what you have selected in a manner that addresses the question in a as-direct-as-it-gets fashion
Some pointers:
Relevance, ensure all your points and observations are relevant to the question.
Make a plan
Structure- a logical and clear cut structure.  It is important and makes it easier to organize if you start by examining the premise of the question. 
For e.g. "To what extent was the slump and depression a product of government policies?"
In this question the premise is the government policy.


Introduction- Clearly outline your argument and how it will be developed.
Main body- series of paragraph, each making a point directly linking to the question. 
Conclusion- pulls your case together. So you give a summary of your argument and come to a reason judgement addressing the question. Returning to the example, you assess to 'what extent' and back it up with your argument and evidence! 


The Revision Checklist is text heavy. So instead I will give you the table of content, which is more or less the basic outline of the checklist.

1. The USA in the early 20th century
3. The years of prosperity- 1919-1929
4. Political and Social tension- 1919-1929
5. Controversy: The coming of the slump and depression-1929-1933
6. Controversy: The New Deal and its impact
7. Opposition to Roosevelt and the New Deal
8. The Second World War and its aftermath to 1954

Chapters 1-4 and 7 & 8 are likely to be Section A questions and both the controversy chapters would be Section B topics.


In your answer, challenge the question, make your case using evidence in the source while identifying both its strengths and weakness. 

I used the the Schemes of Work provided by the Edexcel website to outline my own (crash) course.

I know I'm disappointingly irregular with my post but stay tuned for more. lol 

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